Legal First – Integrations

In the field of law there have been many software providers offer its applications covering specific areas of document production, document management, accounting and time billing. Sometimes the development stopped unceremoniously, or the products were sunset.

If we remember firms move their Practice Solutions about every 15 years, then historically over that period they have gathered islands of information that required a repeat of input into other parts of the practice systems. With single streams of development these applications were never going to join together or offer any integration capability.

Then there is the other end of the scale where the supplier(s) believe their offerings to be the holy grail of software development and the holistic ‘right fit’ for all firms.
This in spite of never having set foot in most firms’ environments given a commodity sell approach.

Ultimately discerning and pro-active client focused lawyers with a knowledge of how their key clients work, want to be evolving in tandem with the client businesses.
The associated software systems need to ‘move with them’ and provide deliverables that make a difference to the firms’ offering. This can also apply in tender situations when price becomes an issue and firm differentiation becomes a strong suite.

Legal First offers connectivity with your legacy systems and mainstream providers of document management or precedent systems that have relevance in any new system moving forward. Additionally, we can offer selective departments a platform that enables retention of its key legacy software where home grown applications may have been self-funded internal projects.

As we can always customise to any user level and display what the operative needs down to embracing favorite screen displays, we can equally integrate any mainstream and well identified software products that have market penetration and possibly widespread adoption given our open systems approach.