Direct to CLOUD Practice Accounting and Productivity Management deployment

Legal First prides itself in offering clients what they want in terms of architecture and functional/ applications delivery.

For those firms that prefer a cut over of an on premise solution we can facilitate that move without major confusion or hardship. This could also be from our own in house installations as well as former traditional and well-known legal market providers.
Conversions are a consideration and dealt with separately on this web site.

Some of the advantages of a CLOUD installation with Legal First are as below:

• Our Cloud systems are normally faster as they bi-pass on premise connections.
• There are no storage limitations.
• Management is handled externally to the firm.
• Licenses of some legacy software required for on-site systems can be stripped back.
• The firm is not contained to a ‘fat’ PC desktop and any appliance or laptop can and be used as a device.
• Security is normally dealt with by the Cloud provider of your choice and with us directly as it relates to our software.
• With Legal First you can ‘bring with you’ the pre-loved software deemed mandatory.

We reiterate that our solutions are not off the shelf and locked down systems.
Similarly, we do not force or require the law firm client to have to seek out third party resources to source skills. This is important in any transitioning.

In many changeovers there are ‘must have’ functional and systems features and applications where retention and integrations are mandatories.

Legal First is agnostic when it comes to the choice of your Cloud provider.

We simply add another option which is that of our own offering of your own Server in our data centre. From this location we can facilitate your disaster recovery strategy and importantly give you back your data at any moment of any day. This is important if there is a conclusion to the business relationship.

This also overcomes the agony of the firm knowing where its data is in the ether or in a being in a situation where a vendor wants exorbitant rates for data extracts.

Effectively also this represents a single source responsibility of the firms’ systems we are provisioning.