Legal First – Training Programs

The market we serve is not normally composed of first generation users of technology, so it is important to craft the delivery of training appropriately for the audience in an intelligent manner with courseware focused on the firms’ possibly predetermined formats.

Ultimately there are the current operatives that know the existing systems in place.
Then there are the new employee programs that are always needed.

In the event there are already in house and established training programs and resources, we work with those personnel to adapt the new changes occasioned by new implementations of software.

Unfortunately, there is often no University that caters for many specific needs of the support staff in a law firm.

As the composition of Legal First personnel is highly experienced and normally averages (per person) about 25 years in supporting law firms, we can establish training programs that are bespoke to the needs of each firm. This comes from an extensive knowledge base and we have on staff with certified trainers.

Having significant knowledge of legacy systems such Affinity, Infinity, LEAP, Practice Evolve and Action Step, enables us to identify easily with the functionality your firm has in place now and how to use comparable functions in our own software.

An approach we have found cost effective is to focus on the gaps in knowledge of staff members and direct energy and time to those specific needs. The description is a short burst program with specific tailoring.
The result is a purposeful and fast tracked program to have operatives up and running in a heartbeat.

These can be achieved with in front and screen based time to remote attendances where we can apply a reduced cost for travel. Partners and stakeholders learn quicker and take more in with attention on three of four key points per session.

As support resources are in short supply at the best of times these days, a fast track a punctuated but effective ramp up training program means productivity improvements for the firm.

Speak with us on a personalised development of training programs to suit your firm.